23 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas You'll Want To Try in 2021

23 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas You'll Want To Try in 2021

The “Curated Ear” transformed multiple ear piercings into a cult-status look. While finding its way into the mainstream, the style’s customization options remain limitless with an undeniable rebellious element. There are various ear-piercing placement ideas and jewelry selections available to mix and match options to best suit your personality.

Like tattoos, multi ear-piercings are a wearable art form that highlights your creative side while leaning into your risk-taking sensibility. However, unlike permanent ink, these holes can close up on their own at any time and provide you more leeway to experiment freely.

Many women first get their single “standard” lobe holes pierced in childhood. This practice makes getting upper lobe holes a common second piercing. The double-piercing look is a relatively low-pain gateway into the world of multiple ear piercings. Both of these options are considered “outer ear” piercings. Some other favoured options in this category include the orbit (right above the lobe), outer conch (on the middle of the outer cartilage), helix and industrial (both on the top of the ear).

Ear Piercing Placement Chart

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For inner ear piercings, popular placements include tragus (inner cartilage), daith (the cartilage fold above your tragus), rook (the next cartilage fold above the daith), anti-tragus (the inner ear cartilage opposite the tragus), snug (the inner cartilage above your lobes) and inner conch (the concave-shaped cartilage in between your daith and rook).

Depending on your dedication and pain tolerance levels, you will need to assess which of these piercing options are right for you. Fortunately, there are many designs you can create with any number of placements. Various jewelry pieces also provide the illusion of having additional piercings for a more dynamic look.

Embrace your own twist on the endless possibilities and get inspired with the earring piercing styling ideas below.

Bar None

A statement bar piece takes your curated ear design to the next level. Its sleek appearance adds a minimalist-inspired edge or makes for a standalone statement look. Try this earring style in your industrial placement to complement a single or double-lobe placement, or contrast its sharpness with a fully-embellished ear featuring various sized hoops or studs. An ear climber can also help you achieve a similar aesthetic.

Bar None 1

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Bar None 2

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Bar None 3


Border Up

Known as the gradient style, adorning the outer ear with small earrings is a timeless way to channel the multiple piercing aesthetic. While its subtle and versatile nature has its place, switching up your jewelry texture and shape selections will refresh this classic look. Update your current gradient look, embrace eye-catching shaped studs or contrast colours to elevate your everyday design. Integrate a coordinating inner ear accent into the mix, and play with proportion with dangling chain pieces around the outer ear for extra intrigue.

Border Up 1

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Border Up 2

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Border Up 3

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Inner Beauty

Sometimes, these less conventional piercings deserve to take centre stage. One of the simplest ways to create an eye-catching look is to allow your lobes to go earring-free. With your placement making the statement, curate dainty accents for your daith, conch and tragus piercings for an elegant and creative appeal. Select varying textures and mix solid metals with stones, pearl beads and thinner chain pieces to add depth to your minimalist design.

Inner Beauty 1

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Inner Beauty 2

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Inner Beauty 3

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Inner Beauty 4

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Layer Up

A fully-encrusted ear maximizes your options and incorporates your personal flair into your daily uniform. The sky is the limit with this styling option. For everyday wear, try a monochrome design or fully curated ear in a single stone type. This uniformity provides the freedom to experiment with different shapes and sizes without looking overdone for casual occasions. Ear cuffs and climbers can also help you achieve this aesthetic if you’re only working with a few piercings. Layer Up 1

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Layer Up 2

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Layer Up 3

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Lobe Story

Embrace the beauty in simplicity. With a double (or triple) lobe piercing, refining your curated ear to one jewelry colour or silhouette will streamline the contrasting pieces. Having at least one gemstone, hardware or hue as the focal point shows the intention behind your styling.

Lobe Story 1

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Lobe Story 2

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Lobe Story 3

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Layered hoops create subtle drama for a sleek contemporary aesthetic. Stagger various sizes in the same finish or uniformly-sized pieces, depending on your preference.

Lobe Story 4

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Small pendant earrings in matching hardware or jewel shade offer a multi-dimensional twist on everyday studs to showcase your several piercings.

Lobe Story 5

Credit: @bodyelectrictattoo/Instagram

Mix studs, gemstones and hoops in this area to add a sophisticated edge with minimal effort. However, be mindful of proportions when styling this combination. It tends to be easier to pair similarly-sized earrings with one another when crafting this look.

Lobe Story 6

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If you have other piercings, you might want to place a subtle hoop or small stud in the hole to ensure it stays open.

Lobe Story 7

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For healed piercings (where you can change the earring), make sure that you select an option in coordinating hardware to keep the limelight on your lobes.

Well Connected

Chains add an edgy and textured element to elevate your curated ear look. Whether you prefer a delicate or dramatic pairing, there are thin and thick links attached to varying sized hoops to craft your perfect “ear party.”

Well Connected 1

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Well Connected 2

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Well Connected 3

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Add depth to your look and incorporate bold colours, textures and play with proportions or fun accents in your other piercings. These varying designs showcase how all of your placements work together to reflect your unique style to the world.

Which of these designs are you most eager to try before the year ends?


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