Seven Tattoo Shops Around The World That Are Worth Taking A Flight For

Seven Tattoo Shops Around The World That Are Worth Taking A Flight For

Winter is the perfect time of year for two things: new tattoos and vacations. Most major cities and tropical destinations around the world are home to some incredible tattoo shops with skilled artists from all over the world. If you love to travel and you love tattoos, these are 8 shops around the world that are worth booking a flight for.

Gastown Tattoo - Vancouver, CA

Located in the center of busy Gastown in Vancouver, BC, Gastown Tattoo has gained a reputation of one of the best shops in Vancouver. Home to talented artist like Nomi Chi, Mitch Kirilo, Arlan Ffrench, Logan Howard, Boone Naka, Rene Botha and more you are sure to get one of the best tattoos you’ve ever had at this shop. They also offer microblading and laser tattoo removal. The artists here are diverse in their talents and can master many styles of tattooing.

Six Feet Under - Los Angeles, CA

Located 45 minutes east of Hollywood, Six Feet Under was started in 1997 by renowned artists Corey Miller, featured on the TV Series LA Ink, Henry Powell, Neil WIlson, Obid Campran and Kevin Childs. After 21 years in operation, the shop is considered one of the best in California. Corey Miller is known as one of the tattoo veterans in the US, so next time you head to Cali, make sure you get yourself on the waiting list to be tattooed by one of the best in the business. The artists in this shop all master a variety of styles so you're sure to find an artist that's right for you.

Smith Street - New York, NY

If American Traditional is your style, Smith Street tattoo shop in Brooklyn is the perfect shop for your next big piece. Smith Street is said to be one of the best in the world and hosts some of the best artists in the business including Dan Santor, Steve Botlz, Eli Quinters and Bert Krak. They take the occasional walk-in client if you’re willing to wait or you can book in advance and meet with an artist to discuss your ideas. You’re guaranteed to walk out of this shop with the best tattoo experience you have ever had.

Good Times Tattoo - Shoreditch, England

This London tattoo shop is home to some of the best artists in the area including Nikole Lowe (Former cast member of the TV Series London Ink), Nick Horn, Piotrek Taton, Hannah Keuls, Matt Black and many others. Good Times Tattoo is all about exactly that; having a good time. They want you to feel at home from the second you walk in the door, starting with the relaxed atmosphere, tons of natural light, elegant decor and friendly staff who care about the needs of their clients. If you’re headed to Europe on your next vacation, whether or not your getting tattooed, make sure you stop by the shop and say hello! From Japanese to American Traditional they’ve got your style covered.

Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum - Japan

Owner Horiyoshi III a.k.a Nakankano Yoshihito is one of of the top Japanese tattoo masters. He is known as the ambassador of Japanese Traditional Irezumi tattooing and made a name for himself in North America through extensive travels to show off his skills and artwork nd became especially famous for his body suits. His work is constantly in high demand. With over 40 years in the industry his shop is undoubtedly one of the best in Japan.

Tattoo People - Toronto, CA

Started by Korean tattoo artist Khan J and his wife, who previously owned two tattoo shops of the same name in Korea, where the practice of tattooing is illegal. Upon moving to Canada, the couple were relieved to finally open a space where tattooing is accepted and celebrated. Khan J is known for his bold, bright riffs on traditional Japanese style tattooing as well as mentoring up and coming artists like G.No who began her career in Tattoo Peoples Busan shop and is now the most in-demand artist in the company. Her waitlist is long, but worth the wait.

Celebrity Ink Tattoo - Phuket, Thailand

If your looking to head overseas for your next vacation, Thailand should be on the top of your list. Home to some of the craziest parties, cheap beers and beautiful temples. The tattoo experience at Celebrity Ink is one you will never forget. Although owned by Australians, the shop is home to 31 Thai tattoo artists. With some of the highest standards of cleanliness clients must take off their shoes and sanitize your hands before entering the shop. They use mostly single-use disposable equipment and is considered to have some of the highest quality of work throughout the world.

These are just a handful of some of the amazing shops around the world that are worth taking a vacation for this summer. So wherever you head on your next adventure, make sure you stop by one of these renowned tattoo shops and book yourself an appointment with one of the top tattoo artists in the world. Check out Zensa's tattoo numbing cream pack and don’t forget to bring your Zensa Healing Cream to help you heal up fast so you can enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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