7 Key Piercing Trends To Try Out For Summer 2021

7 Key Piercing Trends To Try Out For Summer 2021

This summer, there’s finally a reason to get dressed up again. While this newfound freedom is hard to clasp, jewelry makes this process significantly easier. Statement piercings, though, continue to be one of 2021’s defining trends. With Zoom meetings and pandemic precautions, the ‘curated ear’ style thrived and served as a fashionable complement to a casual outfit and face mask. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These accessories allowed us to embrace our creativity and experiment with various placements. Our post-lockdown world gives us the chance to show off these placements (and head to the studio for more).

In the summer heat, bold ear piercings allow you a warm weather-friendly way to layer your favourite pieces. These earrings and body jewelry elevate any simple outfit to keep you looking cool – in every sense of the word. Whether you’re searching for more ways to experiment with your current placements or are looking for future inspiration, these are some piercing styles to try out that will be everywhere this summer.

Bold Conch

This cartilage piercing is located on the centre of the ear and its name comes from the circular shape. Conch piercings are known for being one of the most versatile – and photogenic – placements. Whether you can get an inner or outer conch placement depends on your ear shape and jewelry preferences. Inner conch placements require a flat-back stud or barbell earring, while outer conch styles are best suited for hoops – from huggies to cuff-like options.

If you’re hesitant to commit to a cartilage piercing, ear cuffs allow you to try out the look with no piercing necessary. The trend’s staying power proves cuffing season well beyond the winter months.

Bold Conch 1

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Bold Conch 2

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Bold Conch 3

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Customized & Constellations

After months of self-reflection, this piercing trend allows you to further amplify your personal style. Constellation styles refer to mismatched upper and lower lobe piercings placed in a nonlinear fashion. Its scattered design allows for individual touch to your stacked lobe look and is a chic way to cover up any poorly done piercings too.

Playful, full ear placements also have become increasingly popular in 2021. There no longer is a need for symmetrical piercings. Each ear is its own canvas to create any combination among lobe or cartilage placements. With piercing studios popping up everywhere, this mismatched trend provides a way to experiment with your look – without the commitment of permanent makeup of a tattoo.

Customized 1

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Customized 2

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Customized 3

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Curated Ear

While a widely popular trend, every “ear party” look is unique. The curated ear style refers to multiple placements through the ear – all accessorized with different jewelry types, from hoops to studs, link earrings, pearls and more.

Some go-to ways to try out the look include a fully embellished (double or triple-pierced) lobe with several piercings on the outer cartilage (and a daith or forward helix placement, if you’re feeling more experimental). The sky's the limit when styling your perfectly-embellished ear. Read more about the curated ear trend here.

Curated Ear 1

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Curated Ear 2

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Curated Ear 3

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Daith Piercing

Located on the inner centerfold of the ear, daith placements are cartilage piercings with several styling options and surprising potential health benefits. Since the mid-2010s, daith piercings have become an increasingly alternative treatment to reduce migraines and anxiety. While much of this method’s success is anecdotal, a 2017 study finding similarities between daith piercing and acupuncture provides a gateway to future research.

Hoop earrings are the most jewelry type worn in a daith piercing. Barbell, captive bead and clicker earrings also are suitable for this placement. When styling a daith piercing, you can select a more minimal or statement jewelry piece – depending on the rest of your curated ear. Options range from simple gold or silver to more elaborate pearl-embellished or spiked hoop earrings and everything in between.

Daith 1

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Daith 2

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Daith 3

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Layered Lobes

Fully-embellished lobes offer a less intensive version of the constellation and curated ear trends. This look includes several piercings throughout the area – extending from the standard lobe placement to right under the helix region. A key benefit of this style is the minimal healing time required for each hole. With proper aftercare, each lobe piercing should only take one to two months to heal.

Embrace the creative freedom with this style and try out various stud, charm and dangling chain link earring options.

Layered Lobes 1

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Layered Lobes 2

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Layered Lobes 3

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Hoops Galore

Modernize your classic hoops with a multi-layered approach. The latest stacking trend includes wearing several hoop earrings together and can be styled in several ways. For a more minimal approach, you can layer multiple huggies or two to three larger hoop earrings on your lobes.

With the larger hoops, create a staggering effect with different length hoops for an up-to-date look. For a more dramatic look, you can add some huggie-style earrings up the cartilage on the outer portion of your ear (or use an ear cuff instead). When in doubt, the more hoop earrings, the better.

Hoops Galore 1

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Hoops Galore 2

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Hoops Galore 3

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Pierced Charming

Charmed jewelry has taken over since the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020. While restrictions have eased, this playful style does not appear to be going out of style anytime soon. There are several ways to embrace this look regardless of your personal style. These pieces add a whimsical nature to any curated ear or stacked lobe. For those who enjoy bolder jewelry, there are several fun-themed shapes in saturated colours or with shimmering embellishments. If you gravitate towards a more minimal or edgy style, try smaller and stud options in a sleek gold or silver hardware.

Pierced Charming 1

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Pierced Charming 2

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Pierced Charming 3

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Ear Piercing Quick Facts & Aftercare

Each piercing typically costs between $30 and $85 with lobe piercings on the lower end and more complex placements, such as a snug or industrial piercing, on the pricier side. Check with your piercing studio to see whether the initial jewelry is covered within the cost of the session.

Universally, proper aftercare is key for maintaining healthy skin and ear holes.

With price and style preferences aside, your individual pain tolerance is a factor to consider when deciding which piercings to pursue. If you’re nervous about the pain, ask your piercer whether a numbing cream can be used for your session. Zensa Numbing Cream contains 5% lidocaine to minimize pain without any vasoconstrictors, making it a safe option to use before piercing procedures. This product should provide a numbing effect on the skin for 2-3 hours after application and is a vegan, steroid-free formula.

Most experts recommend cleaning the area with a saline solution twice a day during the healing process. Always wash your hands before handling the new piercing. Make sure to listen and follow your piercer’s advice precisely to prevent any infections or unnecessary mishaps during recovery.

Learn more about these placements and more popular ear piercing types here.


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