Embrace the Eerie with Friday the 13th Tattoos

Embrace the Eerie with Friday the 13th Tattoos

A Friday that falls on the 13th day of the month is often considered an ominous day, steeped in superstitions and eerie folklore. However, for tattoo enthusiasts, Friday the 13th has become something of a holiday — a special occasion to celebrate with unique and affordable ink. In 2023, Friday the 13th falls in October, making this the perfect opportunity to acquire some spooky or mystical ink.

In this article, we will explore the world of Friday the 13th tattoos, including the intriguing history behind the tradition, the cost of these tattoos and even some flash tattoo design ideas.

The Tradition of Friday the 13th Tattoos

Friday the 13th has long been associated with bad luck and superstitions. Some people avoid traveling, making major decisions or even leaving their homes on this day. However, the superstition takes a different turn in the world of tattoo culture.

The tradition of Friday the 13th tattoos began in the 1990s, when Oliver Peck, best known as a judge on the reality TV show “Ink Master,” tattooed the number 13 on 415 people in 24 hours at the shop he co-owns in Dallas. The event was inspired by sailors who, Peck said, would tattoo the number on themselves as an antidote to misfortune. Peck explained, “Bad luck would come your way, see the number 13, see that bad luck is already there and pass you by.”

The Friday the 13th tradition has since become a beloved “holiday” for both tattoo artists and clients. Tattoo parlors across the United States and around the world participate in this event, offering special deals on tattoos with a Friday the 13th theme. These tattoos typically feature common symbols associated with the day, such as black cats, skulls and other eerie imagery.


How Much Do Friday the 13th Tattoos Cost?

One of the most appealing aspects of Friday the 13th tattoos is their affordability. Tattoo shops often run special promotions for this event, offering select designs at significantly reduced prices. While prices can vary depending on the location and the tattoo parlor, it is common to see Friday the 13th tattoos priced at $13, $31 or $130. The price is traditionally $13, and since the number seven is a symbol of good fortune in many cultures, the tip is usually a lucky $7.

It is important to keep in mind that the lower price point reflects that these tattoos are typically small, simple designs that are often not open to modification. The reduced cost is a part of the tradition, allowing more people to participate in the event and get a memorable tattoo without breaking the bank.

13 Friday the 13th Tattoo Ideas

Flash Friday the 13th Tattoos

Friday 13 Tattoo Inspo

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Flash tattoos are a predesigned selection of tattoos provided by the parlor that clients can choose from. On Friday the 13th, many tattoo shops offer flash sheets filled with thematic designs for clients to pick from. These designs are often created specifically for the event and are a fun way to mark a moment shared with others who choose the same design. Examples of flash designs include:

  • Number 13: A simple yet effective design, the number 13 can be incorporated into various tattoo designs to pay homage to the origins of the day.

  • Haunted Houses: A haunted house tattoo can capture the eerie atmosphere of Friday the 13th. It might also feature ghosts, bats or other eerie elements.

  • Ouija Boards: For those intrigued by the supernatural, a Ouija board planchette tattoo can be an intriguing choice. It represents a connection to the spirit world and is perfect for the occasion.

  • Coffins: Coffin tattoos are a symbol of mortality and are often chosen to represent embracing one’s fears.

  • Broken Mirrors: A shattered mirror is a foreboding symbol of seven years of bad luck to come.

  • Crystal Balls: A crystal ball with wisps of smoke swirling inside hints at the supernatural.

Other common flash tats include imagery referencing classic horror movies like “The Shining,” “Scream,” “Halloween” and (of course) “Friday the 13th.”

Friday 13 Tattoo Inspo 2

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Other Simple Friday the 13th Tattoos

One of the defining features of Friday the 13th tattoos is their simplicity. These tattoos are designed to be small, quick to ink and easy on the wallet. Simplicity, however, does not mean lack of creativity. Tattoo artists often put their own spin on classic Friday the 13th designs, allowing clients to choose from a variety of options:

  • Black Cats: A black cat cannot fully cross your path if it is tattooed on your body. A simple black cat tattoo is a classic choice for Friday the 13th.

  • Full Moons: A glowing full moon with sinister clouds drifting across its face promises a bewitching addition to your ink collection.

  • Skulls: Skulls have long been associated with death and the macabre. A small skull tattoo, often adorned with a top hat or other accessories, is a popular choice on Friday the 13th. Add the crossbones to evoke a pirate-inspired touch.

  • Bats: Bats are creatures of the night and add a touch of darkness to your Friday the 13th tattoo. They are typically depicted in flight or hanging upside down.

  • Witch Hats: Witch hats are another fun option that can be made into cute Friday the 13th tattoos. They can be adorned with stars or moons for added mystique.

  • Spooky Trees: Trees with twisted branches and hollows can create a haunting atmosphere — perfect for Friday the 13th.

  • Jack-o’-Lanterns: Since Friday the 13th will fall just before Halloween in 2023, why not lean into the holiday spirit by getting a grinning jack-o’-lantern with a sinister gleam in its eyes?

Friday 13 Tattoo Inspo 3

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No matter what tattoo you choose, keep in mind that tattoo placement affects pain levels, so you might benefit from applying an over-the-counter topical cream like Zensa Numbing Cream so you can enjoy your Friday the 13th experience pain-free.

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Friday the 13th Tattoos Await

Friday the 13th tattoos offer a fascinating blend of tradition, creativity, affordability and community. They have become a beloved tradition in the world of tattoo culture, attracting people from all walks of life who want to celebrate this special day in their own way. These tattoos, whether simple or flash designs, provide a unique way to embrace the superstitions surrounding this day and make it your own. So, if you are feeling adventurous and in the mood for some ink, consider joining the ranks of those who have embraced this tattoo tradition next Friday the 13th. It is sure to be an extra-spooky one.


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