Four Simple Ways to Care for Your Skin this Winter

Four Simple Ways to Care for Your Skin this Winter

Our skin is an extremely sensitive organ, making it highly susceptible to alterations in the weather. As we move into winter, cold temperatures combined with the intensity of indoor heating can take a serious toll on our skin.

The solution: adapt your skincare routine.

Here are three great ways to care for your skin during the winter months:

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water helps to maintain the balance of your body fluids, since we are made up of mostly water, staying hydrated is extremely important not only for our skin but our entire body. Drinking water is essential to maintaining the moisture in our skin and is essential to helping deliver nutrients to the skin cells. It increases elasticity and replenishes skin tissue which helps delay the signs of aging. Drinking water will help enhance your complexion and is a great replacement for expensive anti-ageing treatments. If we are dehydrated so is our skin, which leaves it dry, cracked and itchy. Drinking lots of water everyday is the number one way to keep your skin healthy and feeling great.

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2. Exfoliate

Gentle exfoliating will rid your skin of all the dead skin cells caused by dry weather. Remember to be gentle, too much exfoliation can be hard on your skin too so take it easy and keep your exfoliating to one or two times a week.

For normal skin types, try experimenting with different types of exfoliators, there are many simple DIY recipes for creating the exfoliation routine that works for you.

Try mixing 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil with 2 tbsps of Sugar to create a homemade sugar scrub that can last up to three months when stored properly. These scrubs are a great alternative to more expensive products bought at the drugstore.


3. Use a Nourishing Cleanser

During the dry winter months, try switching from a foaming or gel face wash to a cream based cleanser. This will help nourish and protect your skin while you clean it. It will also help your skin to feel soft and hydrated.


4. Moisturize

Using a daily moisturizer like Zensa Healing Cream will help your skin stay nourished and hydrated. The winter months can easily leave our skin dry and irritated. Zensa uses all natural ingredients and is clinically proven to reduce redness and itchiness that are common during this season, making it an ideal anti itch cream.

Zensa is great for those with sensitive skin or chronic skin issues like eczema. It’s is also safe to use on children as it is all natural. The crisp grapefruit scent is subtle and refreshing and will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated throughout the winter months.

Our healing cream is a paraben free lotion that's proudly Health Canada and FDA approved, and was also developed to help speed up the healing process for tattoos.

Don’t hide from cooler weather, stay hydrated, exfoliate weekly and invest in a good daily moisturizer like Zensa Healing Cream to keep your skin soft and healthy through any change in the season!

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