Daxxify vs Botox: Which One Is Right for You?

Daxxify vs Botox: Which One Is Right for You?

There is a myriad of ways to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles: anti-aging creams, lasers and being diligent with your sunscreen among them. One reliable route many people take involves administering a neuromodulator, Botox, into areas that are prone to wrinkles (like the crow's feet, forehead and frown lines). By temporarily paralyzing the muscles, Botox is an effective way to smooth out unwanted signs of aging, but many injectable enthusiasts are faced with the dilemma of Botox's seemingly quick-fading results and requirement of regular upkeep. Cue Daxxify, a newly FDA-approved alternative that works similarly to Botox in that it diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles but comes with longer-lasting results and perhaps a more natural look. "Anyone who would normally get Botox can try Daxxify," says Limor Weinberg, a board-certified nurse practitioner and esthetician of The Clinic. "In fact, as practitioners we often recommend switching neuromodulators to prevent building tolerance for one or another."

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Below, find out everything you need to know about Daxxify and Botox, including how to know which one to choose, straight from a nurse practitioner.

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What is Botox?

Botox, aka botulinum toxin type A, was the first FDA-approved neuromodulator on the market. As Weinberg explains, the injectable works by blocking the nerve conduction, which, in turn, prevents muscle contraction. Botox is FDA-approved for use on the forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet as well as for migraines, bladder spasm, blepharospasms and hyperhidrosis, but it is used both on and off label for the neck, hands, feet, underarms, calves and even the scrotum, says Weinberg.

What is Daxxify?

The first of its kind, Daxxify is the newest botulinum toxin type A on the market powered by a peptide exchange technology. "These peptides help Daxxify bind to the targeted facial nerves more tightly than other neuromodulators for longer-lasting results," explains Weinberg. "At this time, it is only FDA approved for frown lines, but like the other neuromodulators, it is commonly used off-label on all areas of the face and body."

What Is the Difference Between Botox and Daxxify?

Longevity of Results:

Perhaps the biggest differentiator between Botox and Daxxify is the longevity of results. Botox typically lasts anywhere from three to four months, taking into account the fact that dose equals duration (the higher the dose, the longer your results will last), says Weinberg. "According to the FDA, as well as many of my patients, results for the average amount of Botox (45 to 60 units) for the three areas (forehead, glabella and crow's feet) last approximately three to four months," Weinberg notes. "When looking at the FDA's clinical trials on Daxxify, 30% of participants experienced results lasting six months or longer, which, up until this point, was unheard of longevity for a toxin." Daxxify's longer-lasting results can be attributed to the peptide exchange technology, which "keeps the toxin tightly bound at the neuromuscular junction, resulting in longer duration of action," explains Weinberg.
In addition, a higher dose per area is recommended (and remember, the higher the dose, the longer the duration), resulting in a longer efficacy.

Speed of Results:

Botox results can begin being noticed in three to five days, although it can take up to two to three weeks for the full results to be visible. "The reason for this delay is that Botox works by blocking the nerve signals to the muscles, which takes some time to take effect," says Weinberg. "Additionally, it takes time for the injected Botox to spread and target the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles or lines being treated." Daxxify also takes up to 14 days for the full results, but some patients report it taking effect as soon as the next day, including some of Weinberg's.


Botox results are usually dictated by the injection pattern used, meaning where the Botox injections are placed can make for a more natural versus less natural (or "frozen") outcome. Daxxify, in contrast, utilizes the power of peptides to enhance the appearance of the skin in the treated areas. "My patients often rave about how radiant and beautiful their complexion becomes, specifically on the forehead, which appears noticeably brighter and more youthful after treatment," says Weinberg.

Side Effects:

Both Botox and Daxxify are derived from botulinum toxin type A and therefore both carry the same risk of side effects — namely, bruising, headache and swelling. "The only difference between the two is that due to the longevity of Daxxify, unwanted side effects like a dropped brow or lid ptosis may last longer in some patients," says Weinberg.

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The cost of each treatment varies by location and demographics. Typically, Botox costs are determined by how many units are being used, but Weinberg notes that the cost for Daxxify can be determined by the area being injected versus how many units are needed. There may be a slight increase in cost for Daxxify due to the higher cost of the product itself and its longer-lasting results. For instance, Botox can range from $9 to $15 per unit while Daxxify can be as much as $15 to $25 per unit.


The best way to differentiate Botox and Daxxify is to know that Botox takes up to two weeks to kick in, with results lasting roughly three to four months. Daxxify, on the other hand, can reveal results as early as one to two days (though two weeks is the general rule of thumb) and lasts six to nine months. Both treatments work to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but Daxxify's peptide technology is what sets it apart from the other neuromodulators on the market. In any case, it is important to discuss your desired results thoroughly with a board-certified professional. 


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