These 21 Instagram Accounts Share The Best Tattoo Inspiration

These 21 Instagram Accounts Share The Best Tattoo Inspiration

Tattoos promote creative expression and allow your personality to shine. Whether it's your first, fifteenth, or even hundredth tattoo, your ink is permanent and the desired image in your head should perfectly match up with the design in real life. Well before booking a consultation at the studio, the concepting stage is the first process you will want to undergo, and it is often more difficult than you initially realized. Generally, it is helpful to seek out some tattoo inspiration outside of your own mind and look towards creators with ink you admire to help you with every detail you’re looking for, including the exact style, ink colours and placement.

From authorities in the space to independent artists and style creators, we’ve narrowed down 21 Instagram accounts to scroll through and follow to get inspired before your next inking session. Read on to see our favorite Instagram creators for ultimate tattoo inspiration.

Lucrezia: @lrzbff

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For fashion-forward tattoo lovers, Lucrezia’s hyper-curated feed proves how tattoos double as outfit accessories. She combines various blackwork ink tattoo styles and placements to create a modern look and offers near full-body tattoo inspiration, including abstract sleeves, delicate designs and larger individual pieces.

Whether seeking inspiration for your first or fifth design, this account provides countless ideas for minimal, continuous line work and bold abstract pieces. See for yourself how delicate floral ink, playful slogans, and unique back designs (such as her prayer hands piece) all can work together to showcase multiple sides of your personality and style.

Apphia Castillo: @phiphibb

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The L.A-based entrepreneur and social media influencer will inspire anyone seeking ideas for a single or several dainty tattoos. Apphia’s tattoos offer a modern, minimalist look to serve as the perfect inspiration for blackwork ink lovers who prefer delicate stick and poke or contemporary illustrative tattoos designs. Whether you’re searching for the right animal, small hearts, or bubble letter slogan options, this account will inspire a fresh look.

Doctor Woo: @_dr_woo

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With his distinct style and celebrity clientele, Dr. Woo is an industry authority, leading the integration of art, fashion and tattooing. He is known for his mastery of single needle tattoo style and signature geometric and realist designs. He is the go-to tattoo artist for stars including Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi and inspires others with his detail-oriented ink. Browsing through his Instagram portfolio for black and grey fine line work, you will discover highly detailed animal face, floral, and nature-inspired designs to request at your next studio appointment.

Mel Tan: @meljoyhysteric

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Look no further than this Australian influencer for abstract and Japanese-style tattoo inspiration. Mel Tan embodies the cool-girl look with her on-trend and edgy style that captures the spirit of her tattoos, featuring blackwork floral and snake designs with coloured ink details. She offers inspiration that extends from shoulder cap, chest, arm, and hand to thigh and foot tattoo options – balancing out her bolder pieces with minimalist fine linework and pops of red ink.

Daniel Pituba: @danielpituba

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For all-over body tattoo inspiration, the model shares how to combine a dark romantic tattoo style with a whimsical edge. He shares how more eccentric designs, such as a crying heart face piece on the chest, pair well with more traditional elements, such as his skull, snake and rose arm tattoos for a personalized yet contemporary look.

Mei Pang: @meicrosoft

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With approximately 80 tattoos, Mei Pang frequently shares her array of blackwork ink designs and offers considerable inspiration for anyone seeking symmetrical or gothic style pieces. Most of the influencer’s tattoos have been inked by Corban Matsell-Savage, a Toronto-based tattoo artist. Many of her tattoos celebrate her Chinese heritage and self-acceptance journey to define herself as an artist and explore her sexuality. Whether you desire more stylistic inspiration for edgy and provocative tattoos or to start your own self-acceptance journey through tattooing, Pang’s feed is worth the scroll-through.

Brooke Markham: @bmarkhaa

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For varied dark romantic tattoo inspiration, Brooke Marham shares how dainty single needlework ink compliments larger abstract pieces. Her tattoos all feature goth-inspired elements – whether you’re seeking a floral, skull, bubble-letter slogan or snake design for your chest, torso, arms or legs.

Jordy Lee Jones: @jordylee.jones

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The influencer’s tattoos offer inspiration for those seeking a romantic minimalist look and those aspiring to add some coloured ink into a single or within several smaller pieces. Jordy Lee Jones provides several love-themed design options, from single line work hearts, bows, arrows and flowers to a bolder cupid triage across her chest. She shares how to scatter dainty black and red-inked tattoos throughout the arms with her tiger hip placement and balance a highly tattooed upper-body with smaller pieces on her lower half.

Jaimme: @jtilb

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For those seeking a modern punk look, this Australian influencer provides blackwork inspiration with red ink accents in an abstract tattoo style. From statement thigh designs to covered arms, Jaimme provides several creative ink ideas to embrace the dark romantic tattoo theme throughout the body with a whimsical touch.

Jalen Dominique: @jalen.xx

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Embrace the model-off-duty look in tattoo form with varied tattoos and placements all in monochrome soft black ink. From Japanese-style pieces to a bulldog face and countless other designs, Jalen's all-over body tattoos offer artful inspiration and inspire you to capture all elements of your personality with surface-level attention to detail and style.

Mitra Yosri:

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With fully-inked extremities, Mitra provides some inspiration for individuals looking to get a sleeve and several leg tattoos. She embraces classic abstract styles with black and hints of coloured ink. Her leg tattoos go straight up the centre and show how this unique placement can be an outfit’s coolest accessory.

Krista Keehaus: @kristakeehus

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The cosmetics brand co-founder and influencer embraces her bold blackwork tattoos and offers several sources of ink inspiration through her curated feed. Her full sleeves and coordinating chest pieces include bald eagle, tribal, and floral accents for a modern and edgy upgrade to classic Americana style tattoos. She also proves how a calf placement in a similar ink style can balance out and tie together a variety of upper body tattoos.

Rhiannon: @rhibrai

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For a modern grunge look, this influencer proves how to embrace authentic London style in ink form. She combines her bold blackwork tattoos, rose and heart motifs with Japanese-style designs wrapped around her arms, chest, torso and legs.

Sol: @solelamalila

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.10.45 PM

Simple arm details meet high fashion with this model’s unique tattoo placements. Inner forearm tattoos offer some mystery, remaining mostly hidden when standing with your arms down and are shown off once you broaden your wingspan – to pose, talk with your hands or dance. The facial designs make this selection even more eye-catching. Through her fashionable feed, Sol also proves that these intriguing tattoos shine with any sleeveless outfit.

Alexander Rimmonen: @alexanderrimmonen

AR Revised

The Swedish model inspires how to artfully combine Japanese-style tattoos with more traditional and Americana-inspired pieces. His statement back piece, featuring snakes in red and black ink, complement the eagle on his chest and nature-inspired tattoos throughout his arms, hands, and neck. Scroll through his feed to embrace a unique take of the modern grunge look.

Kat: @plantakat

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For floral and tribal-inspired tattoos, the U.K.-based influencer shows how these bold black ink tattoos complement the minimalist style. Her coordinating on each arm Native American headdresses offer symmetrical inspiration that sits alongside the floral pieces wrapped around her arms and complement her rose chest piece. Kat shows that large tattoos in the same ink, style and concentrated area of the body strikes a balance between minimalist and statement tattoo work.

Bel: @bell___m

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.15.50 PM

Whether you’re seeking a full back, stomach or hand tattoo, this fashion blogger offers edgy inspiration with a heavy dominatrix influence. Scroll through this account to see how and where to ink nymphs, chain links, large serpents and zodiac-inspired designs.

Chloe Christian: @chloexchristian

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.18.11 PM

The artist and influencer shows how statement sleeves balance out tiny tattoos. Her natural-inspired designs offer several ideas for butterflies, snakes and eagles, and more with black and red ink. She shares how her small peace sign design on her wrist, geometric hand pieces and small lettering on her thigh provide more expressive ink detail without overpowering these combinations of larger tattoos.

Mae: @mae.col

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Look no further than this L.A.-based influencer for intriguing sleeve tattoo work and offers inspiration to incorporate unique gradient details in your bolder black ink pieces. Her tattoos provide ideas for traditional snake and floral pieces with ways to design a nature-inspired arm full of tattoos and shading work that flows – like the lake details shared here – with the overall design style. Her sharp and clean sleeve work also adds an edgier feel to any sleeveless or swimwear outfit.

Susanna Wurz: @susannawurz

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 12.20.43 PM

Susanna further confirms that concentrated full arm tattoos and a rose chest piece are the signature placements for those with a minimalist style. Her monochrome black ink features butterfly, floral and leaf detailing that extends to the hand. This influencer shows how less ink is not necessarily more when it comes to tattoo contemporary style.

Jack Chilcote: @jack_chilcote

21 Instagram Account For Inspiration

The Australian influencer regularly shows off his full-inked upper body and regularly documents his visits to his favorite tattoo studio on the Sunshine Coast. His countless blackwork tattoos have uniformly crisp, clean lines that prove his love of the craft and provide considerable design inspiration for anyone seeking to channel a modern grunge style combined with Eastern culture influences. These satanic, skull or Japanese-inspired designs offer various ideas for your next single or several new tattoos for your shoulders, arms, chest, torso and beyond.


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