9 Easy Steps To A Pain-Free Brazilian Wax Experience

9 Easy Steps To A Pain-Free Brazilian Wax Experience

If you’ve ever had a Brazilian wax you know the pain associated with the procedure is often unbearable. But, if you’ve ever had a Brazilian wax, you also know how worth it the whole experience is afterwards. Two to three weeks of undeniably soft, smooth skin, free of razor burn and ingrown hairs. Perfect for that two week winter vacation you’re planning.

Brazilians don’t have to be painful. Zensa Numbing Cream is an all natural topical anaesthetic trusted by estheticians for painful waxing procedures. It contains the maximum amount of lidocaine available over the counter and is completely safe to use on sensitive areas like the bikini region. Numbing cream in combination with these 9 easy steps are your way to a minimally painful brazilian wax before, during and after your procedure.


Before the wax:

Make sure your hair is long enough. The hair should be as long as a grain of rice but longer is okay too. Your wax specialist will trim the hair for you if needed. Avoid trimming it yourself incase you cut it too short.

Avoid caffeine for a few hours before your wax. Caffeine can trigger your nerves and increase your heart rate, making the experience more painful than necessary.

Exfoliate and moisturize before your appointment. Better yet, exfoliate and moisturize everyday. Dry skin and hair breaks much easier than skin that is moisture-rich, meaning the wax won’t be as effective or last as long when waxed with dry skin. Zensa Healing Cream is your first defence against dry skin. Exfoliating between waxes is the key to maintaining beautiful skin.

Apply Zensa Numbing Cream 30-40 minutes prior to your waxing appointment to achieve the maximum numbing sensation. Apply a thick layer to the area, keep covered and wipe away excess cream before the procedure.

During the wax:

Take a deep breath and relax. Try to regulate your breathing to ensure your body and muscles are relaxed.There is no need to be nervous as wax specialists have performed these procedures hundreds of times. Communicate with your specialist and feel free to ask questions to make you more comfortable.


After the procedure:

Avoid exercise and wearing tight clothing directly after your wax. Skin is more susceptible to bacteria right after your wax, as your pores are still open. Friction from working out can cause irritation to the skin and tight clothing doesn’t let your skin breath the way it needs to after your procedure.

Wait a day before a spray tan or applying self tanner. Because the pores are still open, skin can easily become irritated. Waiting 24 hours will allow your pores to close up and will also help the skin absorb the tanner better. Freshly waxed skin absorbs pigment easier, allowing the colour to last longer.


Try to avoid taking a hot shower or lounging in a hot tub for at least 24 hours after your wax. Your bikini area is extremely sensitive after a wax and hot water from the shower or hot tub can cause irritation and allow bacteria to enter your skin more easily.

Getting on a regular waxing schedule (every 3-4 weeks) will ensure you hair doesn't break under the skin, causing ingrown hairs. This will also help your skin to build up a tolerance and become less and less sensitive to the procedure.

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