41 Zodiac Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Pisces Season

41 Zodiac Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Pisces Season

Pisces season (February 18 – March 20) is upon us. This water sign wears its heart on its sleeves. If you’re a Pisces, you’re probably known amongst your family and friends as the imaginative one with a creative spirit and innate artistic talent. What better way to celebrate this celestial star sign than getting a Zodiac tattoo?

The sign’s symbol includes two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing their complex inner world and conscious efforts to stay grounded in reality. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet governing dreams and creativity. Others might describe you as emotional, highly intuitive and living with your head in the clouds. Escapism is your favourite pastime.

As the final constellation of the Zodiac, Pisces holds the lessons learned of the 11 Zodiac signs that came before them. This wisdom makes Pisces incredibly sensitive, empathetic and compassionate – motivating them to put all their energy into their relationships and creative masterpieces. Pisces is a mutable sign, making them deeply attuned to and influenced by their environment. If you're the person everyone comes to for support and advice, it's the stars aligning – we promise we're not inside your mind. While Pisces rules the feet, you're more likely to live in your head and idealist fantasies. You dread moments where you need to face mundane aspects of reality.

When choosing a tattoo, Pisces will seek out designs that balance their creativity and imagination with a desire to remain a bit mysterious and low-key. Read on for Pisces tattoo ideas, lucky symbols and more, inspired by your Zodiac sign.

Pisces Symbol Tattoos

Pisces is the Latin word for fish. The symbol for this zodiac sign features two fishes swimming in opposite directions. There are a few different meanings behind the Pisces symbol. Yet, every interpretation goes back to the connection between two core aspects of the human experience. The two fishes represent Pisces as the connector between fantasy and reality and similar dualities, including empathy and escapism, interpersonal relationships and imagined idealism.

Visually, the Pisces symbol closely resembles the yin and yang symbol. Like the ancient Chinese symbol, Pisces believes that an ideal life consists of exploring creative outlets and building emotionally-fulfilling relationships. When looking for Pisces tattoo ideas, you will see that koi fish are a popular choice used to depict this Zodiac sign. Like the water sign, the koi fish is known in Eastern Asian cultures (Japan in particular) to embody this yin and yang balance. It represents many of the same qualities as Pisces, including love, abundance, friendship, harmony and courage.

Here are some symbolic Pisces tattoo ideas for women and men to wear your Zodiac sign and share its admirable qualities with pride.

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Pisces Tattoo Idea 2

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Pisces Tattoo Idea 3

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Pisces Tattoo Idea 4

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Balance a stunning blackwork tattoo with details in Pisces’ lucky colours, teal and seafoam green, for some brightness and good fortune while protecting the majority of the piece from premature tattoo fading.

Pisces Tattoo Idea 5

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Pisces Tattoo Idea 6

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas 7

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 8

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Zodiac Tattoo For Pisces

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 10

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 12

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 13

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Take inspiration directly from the stars for a straightforward way to share your Pisces pride. Choose among minimalist and heavy blackwork tattoo options to find a design that suits your personality best. Embrace your Zodiac sign’s energy and try out an ankle or foot tattoo. For a more seductive placement, get your tattoo on your shoulder, ribcage, hip or back to keep a bit of mystery and stay aligned with the persona behind your astrological sign.

Pisces Tattoo Idea 14 - Constellation

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Pisces Tattoo Idea 15

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 16


Pisces Tattoo Ideas 17

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Pices Tattoo Ideas 18

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Pisces Glyph

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (God of the Sea), giving the Zodiac sign its dreamy, empathetic, psychic and metaphysical qualities. Visually, the Pisces glyph and Neptune symbol have similar characteristics. Both glyphs resemble a trident, a sign of wisdom, mysticism and spiritual power. The trident was traditionally used as a fishing tool among ancient Greek gods and the Roman empire.

A Pisces glyph tattoo allows you to share your Zodiac sign, while appreciating its nautical heritage and empowering legacy.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 19 Glyph

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 20 Glyph

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas 21

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 22 Glyph

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Water Lily Tattoos

Water lilies are the birth flower of Pisces. They embody the aquatic spirit of the Zodiac sign and, in Buddhism, represent a spiritual awakening. Like Pisces, water lilies connect two different worlds. The flowers’ roots are implanted underwater, while the petals are visible and blossom above the water’s surface. Water lilies symbolize balance and unity, bringing together mystical and gentle energies – making them a perfect representation of the Pisces spirit.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 23

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 24


Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 25 Water Lily

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 26

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Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

Mermaids (or mermen) embrace the duality of Pisces. They bring a human element to the water’s metaphysical energy. Like Pisces, mermaids symbolize the integration of fantasy and reality. They represent introspection, intuition and adaptability – qualities that align perfectly with this mutable Zodiac sign.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 27

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 28 Mermaid

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 29

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 30 Mermaid

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas 31

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Water Signs & Symbols

Pisces, along with Scorpio and Cancer, are the water signs of the Zodiac. Water signs are known for their emotional, sensitive, intuitive and nearly psychic energies. While caring and highly attuned to others’ emotions, they can be quite mysterious themselves and closed-off with strangers and individuals they don’t fully trust. Among the water signs, Pisces is the only mutable sign and is known to be the most creative, wisest and clairvoyant of the bunch.

Celebrate this innate creativity with beautiful wave tattoo designs. From these blissful waves to a Zodiac-inspired water symbol, these tattoos provide an artistic spirit that Pisces craves with a mystical element left behind to nurture the Zodiac’s imaginative side.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 32

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 33 Water

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 34 Water

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 35 Water

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Interests, Talents, Lucky Numbers & Symbols

If you’re a Pisces, chances are you have a creative side. Whether you regularly practice a particular craft, it’s in the stars for you to have a special love for art, music, film, dance, writing, sports or another expressive outlet to escape mundane tasks and repetitive activities. Pisces’ are 3 and 7. For any Pisces who are particularly spiritually inclined, consider numerology tattoos featuring these guardian angel numbers. “333” offers a sign to express your creative talents, foster important relationships and indicate that you’re taking the right steps to achieve your desired lifestyle. “777” is a sign that your desires have been listened to, and you’re on the path to follow your life purpose – good fortune and happiness on their way. Other lucky symbols for Pisces are dreamcatchers and gemstones (including Amethyst, Moonshine and Aquamarine).

Pisces Tattoo Idea - 36 Interests

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 37 Interests

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 38 Interests

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas -39 Interests

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas - 40 Interests

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Pisces Tattoo Ideas 41 -777 Angel Number

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